Fuel Piping Contractor

Talon has completed 10 - Type III Hydrant Jet Fuel Pumphouses for the military and multiple transfer lines, hydrant loops, hydrant pits, isolation valve pits, truck fillstands, truck unloading skids, Hydrant Hose Truck Check Out stands, bulk loading pantographs, direct-loading pantographs, marine loading pantographs, product recovery tanks, above ground storage tanks and underground storage tanks. Talon has worked at over 50 different military installations across the country. 

Project: F-35 POL Upgrades

Location: Florida, USA

Prime or Sub: Sub

Completed Date: October 2013

Description: Install 1,000 LF of 10” and 16” carbon steel piping, 4000 LF of 12”x16” and 2700 LF of 16”x20” double wall carbon steel hydrant loop, 4 each - Aircraft direct fueling station, 4 each - Flightline truck fillstand, 2 each - truck fillstand, 2 each - truck offload station, 2,400 GPM Type III JP-8 pump house and tie-in to bulk fuel transfer line.

Project: Replace Fuel Storage Tanks

Location: Portsmouth, VA

Prime or Sub: Sub

Completed Date: December 2012

Description: Install 18,000 LF of 4” through 18” (5,800 LF of 18”) carbon steel piping to/from 6 each - new above ground storage tanks, two each - 9600 GPM pumphouse and 1 each - 1200 GPM pump house in multiple phases.

Project: Upgrade Pump House

Location: Shreveport, LA

Prime or Sub: Sub

Completed Date: March 2015

Description: Install a 2,400 GPM Type III Jet-A pump house and tie-in to existing storage tanks and hydrant loop.  Replace 34 each - hydrant control valves on the hydrant loop and remove 12 surge suppressors.

Project: BRAC Add Hydrant Fuel Outlet

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Prime or Sub: Prime

Completed Date: June 2010

Description: Install approximately 400 LF of 10” stainless steel hydrant loop piping with hydrant pit and low point drain pit, including pit drain piping and associated concrete apron paving. 

Project: Replace Jet Fuel Storage Complex

Location: Duluth, MN

Prime or Sub: Prime

Completed Date: January 2012

Description: Construct entirely new POL facility, with 2 each - 2,500 bbl jet fuel tanks, 2 each - truck unloading skids, 2 each - R-11 truck fillstands, and a 1200 gpm pump house, carbon steel piping. Construct a 2200 SF operations building and a 4000 SF refueler maintenance building. Demolish the existing POL facility after completion of new facilities.

Project: Replace Fuel Pipeline

Location:  Whidbey Island, WA

Prime or Sub: Prime

Completed Date: May 2014

Description: Install 24,000 LF of 12” carbon steel jet fuel pipeline including pigging facilities, isolation valve settings and leak detection system. Install fiber optic control cable the entire route with a new pump control system.  Include 3 each - 24” road bores, wax filled. The pipeline ran 8,000 feet along base roads and 4,000 feet along county and city roads. Base crossings include a CERCLA site and wetland mitigation. Drain, clean and abandon 30,000 LF of existing fuel pipelines.

Military Jet Fuel Projects