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Construct Flightline Fillstands & F-35A ADAL Fuel Offload Facility

Luke AFB, AZ


Project Description: 

Talon completed two back to back projects at Luke AFB as the Prime Contractor. The first project consisted of installing a 10” carbon steel jet fuel transfer line, building a 2,400 GPM transfer pumphouse, and installing 4 each – flight line bulk loading truck fillstands. Non fuel related work included all associated concrete, electrical, painting, canopies and site work with demolition of an existing pumphouse and utilities. The second project involved installing 2 each – bulk truck offload skids with new containment paving, installing new tank fill and issue piping from existing storage tanks to existing pump house, and installing new tank nozzles and floating roof on existing storage tanks. 

8,800 ft Carbon Steel
200 ft Stainless Steel
Bulk Storage & Facility Piping
Project Type
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