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Construct Hydrant Fuel System

Dover AFB, DE


Project Description: 

This new construction of a 2,400 GPM Type III pumphouse included installing stainless steel and carbon steel piping, with pipe sizes ranging from 4” through 16”. Piping downstream of the filters was stainless steel, while the remainder of the system was carbon steel. The hydrant system included 6,000 LF of a 12” hydrant loop with 3 direct fueling hydrant pits. Talon coordinated connecting to an existing 3rd party Commercial pipeline to install a transfer line to the new system with an underground receipt meter vault. Talon set a 4,000-gallon factory-built aboveground product recovery tank with catwalk and tank appurtenances.

4,300 ft Carbon Steel
5,300 ft Stainless Steel
New Type III Hydrant System
Project Type
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