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Replace and Alter Fuel

Distribution Facilities

DFSP Craney Island, VA


Project Description: 

This repair/modification project involved the installation of carbon steel pipe with sizes ranging from 4” through 18” (approximately 4,000 LF of 14”) as well as approximately 300 LF of 18” Duplex 2205 stainless steel to newly re-constructed marine bulk loading arms at the existing piers and 6 each – bulk loading truck fillstands. Other work performed included setting 3 each – 25,000-gallon factory-built aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) for JP-5, one 4,000-gallon AST for F-24, one 4,000-gallon AST for SDA, and one 5,000-gallon AST for CI/LI. 

12,000 ft Carbon Steel 
600 ft Stainless Steel
Bulk Storage Modifications & Repairs
Project Type
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