Fuel Piping Contractor

Talon has worked on multiple ground fueling projects, including rental car facilities, city maintenance facilities, government fuel depots and fleet fueling stations.

Project: Miami Intermodal Center Rental Car Facility

Location: Miami Airport, FL

Prime or Sub: Sub

Completed Date: October 2009

Description: Install 42 each - dual hose gasoline dispensers in a 3 level garage facility.  Install 4 each - 45,000 gallon underground storage tanks in cofferdams.  Install 5500 LF of double wall carbon steel fuel pipe. System included all UST related appurtenances, tank and line leak detection, tank gauging/inventory control, and fuel management. The project included installation of 2 each - oil/water separators at the UST locations.

Project: VMI, TEMF A, TEMF B, and Support Buildings

Location: Georgia, USA

Prime or Sub: Sub

Completed Date: August 2010

Description: Install 2 each - 20,000 gallon JP-8 fuel tanks, 1 each - 5,000 gallon diesel and 1 each - 1,000 gallon MOGAS tank with six dispensers and double wall buried pipe, 4 each - bulk fuel positions and the control equipment for a vehicle maintenance facility.  All tanks and piping had leak detection systems.

Ground Fueling Projects

Project: Construct Fuel Point

Location: Texas, USA

Prime or Sub: Sub

Completed Date: March 2009

Description: Install 1 each - 10,000 gallon JP-8 ground fueling tank with two dispensers and fuel management system. Install 3 - concrete tank pads for future tanks.